Mission: A group of protesters deposed of their local lord and occupied his manor. The regional governor has tasked the Agency with clearing the mansion.

Target: N/A


The towns people at large posses little to no combat prowess and will not engage. Reports of 2-6 individuals with minimal combat experience and the ring leader appears to be a former guard of the lord.


Lords Manor and surrounding small hamlet. Hostiles appear to remain within the manor.


Remove the protesters completely from the manor. (Leveled Gold)

Bonus Objective:

Remove the protesters in a way that makes the lord look good. (Magical Items, one per person)


The lord has been exporting more of the hamlets grain harvest than in previous years, leaving little for the hamlet to survive on. The lord has made it clear that regardless of the tactics used, he does not intend to alter this issue in the benefit of the protesters.

Special Equipment:

Agent K, the eccentric wizard will accompany the party to the hamlet to provide alchemical supplies. See Agent K for details.



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